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Access Control Systems Auckland Building & Business Owners Rely On

Access control is a secure way of restricting access to parts of your building or business to authorised people only. It can be an important ally to prevent access to sensitive areas where staff will be exposed to dangers that can affect their health and safety.

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Access Control Systems To Suit

A simple system may only consist of a door with an electric lock that needs the user to enter a code on a keypad or a swipe card to gain entry. A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, that can open and close x1000 times a day. Our access control systems don’t miss a beat, they will always open on an authorised badge, or in the event of a fire alarm.  

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Access Control Smart Cards, FOBs & Blue-Tooth

smart card, tag, fob and Blue-tooth is technology embedded within a plastic cards microchip, or a smart Phones that can be programmed for different applications. Swipe card and blue-tooth systems provide quick access for a user to any area of your choosing. They are fast, flexible, easy to manage and can be used to streamline access in and around your business, including printer machines, locker systems, vaults, and simple door access.

At DS Systems we offer our customers peace of mind that all our smart card and phones will be encrypted with the best coding technology available such as Mifare and DESfire to prevent unauthorised cloning. 

Get protection and control

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